NATURE IN WALES VOL. 2, No. 4. WINTER 1956 NOTES ON THE BIRDS OF CALDEY AND ST. MARGARET'S ISLANDS, PEMBROKESHIRE BRYAN L. SAGE, M.B.O.U. THIS list has been compiled from all the relevant published material that I have been able to trace, which is very little, together with my own field notes made during a number of visits between 25th July and 6th August, 1954, and those of the following observers, to whom I am greatly indebted-John Buxton (J.B.), Harold Course (H.C.), G. C. S. Ingram (G.C.S.I.), L. J. Kinlen (L.J.K.), the late Bertram Lloyd (B.L.), by kind permission of Mrs. S. Lloyd, R. M. Lockley, on behalf of members of the West Wales Field Society (R.M.L. & W.W.F.S.), and W. L. Roseveare (W.L.R.). The ornithology of the Pembrokeshire islands has in most cases been exhaustively chronicled, but the only paper devoted entirely to the avifauna of Caldey Island that I have been able to trace is that of Wintle (1924). It is fully realised that this list is far from complete, due to lack of observers in the past, and perhaps I have overlooked some published records. Therefore, I would be pleased to receive any additional records, which should be sent to me at Caldey," n, Deepdene, Potters Bar, Middlesex. I have not dealt with the subject of migration separately as there is a paucity of relevant in- formation, but such as there is will be found mentioned under the species concerned. J. A. Gwilliam, who was for many years keeper at the lighthouse on Caldey, informed the late Bertram Lloyd that very few birds struck the light. He had recorded only Woodcock, Skylark, Song-Thrush, Blackbird, Goldcrest and Starling. The island lies very close to the mainland, and it may be that its position in Carmarthen Bay is somewhat off the main migration route along this coastline. The systematic list contains 90 species. 46 of these breed more or less regularly, and four other species (Swift, Wheatear, Sedge- warbler and Chiff-Chaff) probably breed. 10 of these species breed on St. Margaret's 8 of them are common to both the islands, but the Shag and Kittiwake are confined to Caldey. As a matter of interest the following comparative table of breeding species on the Pembrokeshire Islands has been compiled, I am indebted to T. A. W. Davis for assisting me with this. As a number of species breed somewhat irregularly the figures should not be taken as exact.