Wales for Everyman By H. A. Piehler Up-to-date new edition of the famous Everyman Guide. Uniform with Eng- land, Scotland, and Ireland for Every- man. Each with colour-contour maps, 12 miles to an inch. Prospectus available. Each vol. 8/6. Farmwife Marion "Roberts Autobiography of a small hillfarmer. "With the round of the farming year, there is the Welsh tang of small Eisteddfodau and winter 'socials'The Times Lit. Supp. 16pp. of photographs. 16/ The Seals & the Curragh R. M. Lockley for the first time enables us to enter into the home life of these great Atlantic seals. The reader is held from the first sentence of the first chapter, and he lives with the author through his days and nights of seal watching the author tells how he reached, not without danger, the remote seal colony, sailing thither alone in his curragh or coracle, and sleeping beneath it, hauled above reach of the tide. The photographs are excellent."— Country Fair. With 8 photographs, and drawings. 16s. Puffins "Twenty years' observation of a bird which men think ridiculous because it resembles a ridiculous man No more elaborate or con- vincing information about the puffin is likely to be available.FRED. LAws, News Chronicle. 16 pages of photographs, drawings by NANCY CATFORD, colour frontis by CHARLES TUNNICLIFFE. 18/- Publishers: J. M. DENT & SONS LTD., Bedford St., London, W.C.2 In Everyman's Library The Mabinogion Translated by Thomas Jones and Gwyn Jones The classic medieval romance in an English translation giving the eleven stories in full Pwyll, Branwen, Manawydan, Math, The Dream of Macsen Wledig, Lludd and Llefelys, Culhwch and Olwen, The Dream of Rhonabwy, The Lady of the Fountain, Peredur, Gereint son ofErbin. 5/6. The Treasure of the Mountain Patricia Brooks Story for young readers, of camping life and climbing adventures in the Welsh mountains, stolen jewels, and a 'red-handed' arrest. Colour frontis. and drawings by Christopher BROOKS. 10/6. DENT By R. M. Lockley Shearwaters "I I think Hudson would have en- joyed Mr. Lockley's book, which is fascinating to read and which seems, at any rate to the layman, to be the last word on its subject. HOWARD SPRING, Country Life. 20 pages of illus. Cheaper Edn. 6/- At all Booksellers