severe gale from Math, registered at 90 m.p,h. by the Coastguards at St. Ann's Head. At the time the Mayflower had made a successful visit to Grassholm and was safely anchored from the S. wind in Skomer North Haven in the position marked as a proper anchorage on the Admiralty charts. But she dragged and piled up ashore when the full gale on a rising tide turned suddenly to north and blew directly into North Haven, Skomer. Mr. Alsop reports that enormous seas were driving into the Haven, making any attempt to board her impossible and she was forced on to the rocks early in the morning after Mr. Alsop and his party had themselves been blown out of their tents in the furious gale a little earlier. Mayflower was fully insured, and it is expected that with the monies recovered, it will be possible to build or buy a new boat subject to Council's decision in the matter. An endeavour will be made to fulfil the obligations of the Mayflower for trips advertised in the previous issue of Nature in Wales by hiring local vessels for the dates given. PUBLICATIONS of the WEST WALES FIELD SOCIETY THE ISLAND OF SKOMER, a W.W.F.S. Survey, edited by John Buxton and R. M. Lockley. Special edition at 5/ equal to the original edition which was priced at 18s. iod. THE BIRDS OF PEMBROKESHIRE by G. C. S. Ingram, R. M. Lockley and H. Morrey Salmon. Out of print. THE BIRDS OF CARMARTHENSHIRE by G. C. S. Ingram and H. Morrey Salmon. Price 3s. 6d. to members, 4s. 6d. to non-members bound in stiff covers is. extra. A LIST OF PEMBROKESHIRE PLANTS by Mrs. F. L. Rees. Price fis. 6d. THE FLORA OF ST. DAVID'S PENINSULA by Dr. C. L. Walton price 2s. 6d. THE SKOKHOLM REPORTS for the years up to 1955 price 2s. 6d. each. NATURE IN WALES. Back Numbers price 2s. 6d. Application should be made to the Editorial Address Orielton, Pembroke.