The method recommended on p. 49 for mounting Collembola, although conforming to the principle that the editors have given preference to techniques which can be relied upon to preserve permanently the most important taxanomic features of each group, will not be acceptable to many specialists, and it is strange that no reference is given here to Dr. Salmon's media when it is given on p. 176. The methods described for mounting Orthoptera are very bulky for storage purposes and the practice of pinning specimens set with only one pair of wings extended could be mentioned. The frequent use of over-large card mounts of which a good example is found on p.84, Fig 59, may be unintentional but nevertheless misleading and clumsy. There is, for some reason, no reference on p. 92 (a) to ether as a degreasing agent. The use of tracing cloth in setting lepidoptera instead of transparent paper, p. 89 (1) (i), is preferred by some workers and this could have been mentioned in view of elaborate, indeed, historical treatment given to the subject. Spellac cement, widely used in some museums and laboratories is not mentioned and the celluloid cement, p. 106 b (1) (i), is of a formula different from that on p. 180 (3) There could have been a reference to the use of celluloid points in mounting parasitica- p. 99. b, and it is surprising that no reference in made on p. 118 b (viii) to H.M.G. bottle capping solution. P.M.M. LIBRARY The Society's library of books, reprints and periodicals is maintained at Orielton. Books reviewed and all items in the Library are available for borrowing by members on payment of postage both ways. Gifts of scientific books, reprints, articles or MSS notes for the improvement and extension of the Library will be gratefully received. Enquiries to the Librarian, Orielton, Pembroke. GALLOWAY'S University Booksellers ABERYSTWYTH BOOKS on all branches of NATIONAL HISTORY and TOPOGRAPHY Agent for Large and Small Scale ORDNANCE MAPS. STATIONERY