SHEEPDOG GLORY. Roy Saunders. Andre Deutsch, London. i os. 6d. 1956. The author, whose skill as an artist portraying the old buildings, castles, cottages and scenes of West Wales in delightful etchings is so well known (many are on view for instance at the County Library, Haverfordwest), has turned to his other absorbing hobby, the training of sheepdogs. He is also a practical sheep-farmer as well as a school-teacher, and now he writes fascinatingly and accurately of the Welsh countryside, its natural history, and wild life, incidental to the main theme of the biography of Toss, his Border Collie sheep- dog. His descriptions of the partnership of man and dog are worth reading. R.M.L. LIBRARY The Society's library of books, reprints and periodicals is maintained at Orielton. The thanks of the Society are due to Miss K. GOSKAR for the gift of a parcel of books, including THE STAR BORN, Henry Williamson, 1948. THE OBSERVER'S BOOK OF BRITISH WILD FLOWERS (Warne). Stokoe. No date. NAME THIS BIRD. E. F. Daglish. 1950 Edition. Books reviewed and all items in the Library are available for borrowing by members on payment of postage both ways. Gifts of scientific books, reprints, articles or MSS notes for the improvement and extension of the Library will be gratefully received. Enquiries to the Librarian, Orielton, Pembroke. GALLOWAY'S University Booksellers ABERYSTWYTH BOOKS on all branches of NATIONAL HISTORY and TOPOGRAPHY Agent for Large and Small Scale ORDNANCE MAPS. STATIONERY