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NATURE IN WALES The Quarterly Journal of the West Wales Field Society Editors W. M. CONDRY. R. M. LOCKLEY H. R. H. VAUGHAN Editorial Address :-Nature in Wales, Orielton, Pembroke. CONTENTS OF VOL. I. NUMBER 4. WINTER, 1955 Page THE BIRDS OF WELSH HIGH LEVEL OAKWOODS. W. B. Yapp 161 Fossils IN WALES. John Challinor 167 THE FAUNA OF CEFN SIDON AND ITS Wrecks. B. J. Green. 170 OBSERVATIONS OF ADDERS IN NORTH PEMBROKESHIRE. Peter Panting 172 NOTES ON SOME ARACHNIDA RECORDED IN WALES. Brian L. Sage 174 WELSH BIRD NAMES. Thomas Davies 177 Field NOTES Botanical 181 Mammals 181 Reptiles 182 Insects 183 Birds 185 BOOK REVIEWS 188 Scientific LITERATURE 192 SOCIETY'S NOTES 192 The Editors and their Scientific Advisers endeavour to main- tain a high standard of accuracy but do not accept responsibility for the statements and opinions of the contributors to this Journal. Issued free to all Members of the West Wales Field Society. On sale price 2s. 6d.