Editorial Comment editing a magazine for Wales, giving everyone a forum-yet trying to be objective about it all-is rather like walking through a wartime minefield even though this one is sown by many a noncombatant! Little did I know when I wrote a paragraph headed Lost Lieutenant? in the first issue of the revived WALES that the repercussions would fall about my own head. But one learns. I am now used to being blamed for the opinions of others. From all quarters, from school- mistresses in Gowerton, chem- ists in Ruthin, and bright young columnists in newly-named Roy Thomson House in Cardiff, come scathing, overwhelming or double-edged 'responses', well over a year late. And no sooner has the hubble- bubble and racket over Lord Raglan died down than one becomes aware of new eruptions in Aberystwyth, Barry and Prestatyn. Assuredly T v chief Wyn Roberts, ex-B B c and now of T W w, started something when he referred to 'the cultural dictatorship' of a certain self- styled oligarchy in Welsh aca- demic life. Bitter things have been said in private and still more bitter things need saying in the public prints. But not by the professional angry young men who've brought anger into disrepute. Incidentally, the piece The Writing on the Wall? by Janus in the same issue brought upon me the censure of Y Faner news- paper. Janus is not a.ffug-enw of mine! So it was not I who accused the Nepotists this time. Let the uncomfortable after- dinner speakers beware. Now, as you can see in later pages, Alun Richards' article The Never-Never Land in Oct- ober has caused another small ripple of excitement in the most critical of all Welsh writing circles! Would-be story writers, read carefully. Shoulder Chip WINGING WORDS from Ocean Front, Santa Monica, Calif- (The magazine has also found its way into the Moscow exhibi- tion this month.) 'I won't subscribe to the new WALES because (a) I can't afford it (b) I love Welsh writers only by their work that's published outside Wales, and (c) I love Welsh romantic history as filtered through by way of Shake- speare's Tudor cycle and don't