raced the van along the lane where Rhiannon was waiting for someone. She was there all right and no-one with her yet, and she turned like before not to be seen. But I screamed the van to a stop beside her and jumped out and leaped at her, and pulled her to face me. She screamed and then looked terrified when she saw me and the look in my eyes. 'It's true!' I managed to sob at her. 'It's true-you're a slut and all he said was true!' She shook her head and her wide frightened eyes were puzzled. 'No,' she said. 'No. It's a lie-that's why I'm here. I'm going to prove it's a lie.' 'How?' I shouted. 'How, how, how? You can't prove it any more! You're a filthy slut and you know it!' 'I'm not,' she answered quickly, for she could see what was happening in me and didn't keep silent like when she was hurt before. 'I've asked him to meet me here. Williams Top Shop. He's coming here. He thinks it's for what I told you, that sort of thing. But when he comes I'm going to tell him what I've heard from you. I can't stand it any longer.' 'Why meet at this gate?' I sobbed at her. 'You said you'd never been here before. Said you didn't know it!' 'It didn't mean a thing to me,' was all she answered. 'It's the gate I saw you hide at once before Were you meeting him then? For God's sake tell me!' 'I told you I met him twice,' she cried out in fear of me. The I realized the knife was in my hand and I stuck it hard into her. Her eyes opened wide in surprise before she died. 'Why do that to me?' she whispered. 'It's only you I've ever loved. No-one was ever kind to me before. No-one. I love you so much. I love you so She made an effort to kiss me and her eyes flashed a smile before she sagged and died in my arms. When Williams Top Shop turned up I killed him too, but he died more slowly, and had time to hear all I said. Well, that's all that happened, and that's why I'm here now.