see the works of a modem television Shakespeare in our day and age. Who knows, he may rise in Wales in our lifetime when conditions are ripe. There is a Globe here for him at Pontcanna, and there are plenty of potential actors in the valleys with a Burbage among them I am sure. As for the groundlings, they are here too, waiting for a bard to enthrall them. Meanwhile, it's pastime television for them mostly. Double Your Money, and Maverick, I hope, rather than Phil Silver and Wells Fargo. 0 Double headed Taliesin, Janus of the Narrow Gauge; Panter, facing both ways In your truck teledu. Dear blurred announcer ator, Comfortable and social tourist Carriaged, smooth please imminent arrival At heaven for the Anglo saved. When a 1000 sets a silent be, Thousand souls adrift, (Save Stakhanovites) what matter If Arthur shifts his pithole. Every night, glorious tradition, Emission, apparition; 0 boys, a conditional toast, CYMRU AM BYTH (phrase incant). POLITICAL EPILOGUE Nicholas Evans