facilities, live in a stronghold of soccer, yet they have made unbeliev- able progress in the last decade. A game or two, a lecture or so, a visit occasionally, more financial assistance, and an official representative on the Welsh Rugby Union would bring rich dividends. If ever Wales is to be unified it will not be by our councillors and politicians who have failed lamentably. It will be by Sport, which has no personal axe to grind, fostering goodwill between fellow sports. It is the duty therefore to see our national heritage is not wasted. For myself I look forward to the thud of the ball on boot, the crisp pass, and fleet-footed run of a wing, to the forward struggle, and the partisan cry of the crowd. The season has begun again, and I can relive my own rugby experiences, meet my many rugby friends. I can criticise, argue, laugh, and enjoy, and sometimes suffer with the rest when Wales fall below expectation. Wilf Wooller YR HEN ACTOR (Llanbeblig) FAN yma mae drama yn dirwyn i ben, Yr olafyw'r olwg pan gyfyd y lien, Mae'r cwmni difrifddwys yn cynnwys pob haen; Ond Gwynfor ywr arwrfel ganwaith or blaen. Ei ran yw'r hen actor difywyd a dof Y pylodd ei gynneddf, y pallodd ei gof; Syn chwilio am loches yn mynwes y ffridd I aros y promptiwr a'i herys o'r pridd. R. Williams-Parry