Everyone agreed it was a famous rescue except Mrs. Dobell's family, who have since given it hard words and are bitter towards Sam's lot for twitting them about it. After Mrs. Dobell had been hustled into safe keeping the fire really got going. This was on account of no one remembering about the paraffin in the cwtch under the stairs. Those who were upstairs trying to get the wardrobe through the window had to let it go and it smashed down on to the pavement. A mighty hurrah went up as a certain article of bed-room ware was flung out from above and missed by the flustered helpers down below. The sound of crashing china mingled with the crackle of the flames But there was a go when the fireworks from under the counter started going off! Sparklets and Fairy Fountains rained showers of silver, crackers jumped over the feet and between the legs of the fire fighters, bombs and cannons deafened those within earshot and a rocket that had been thrown into the grate caught fire and roared up the chimney into the starry night. Of course, there are those who say that they could have saved the house next door if only they could have got the water going in time but it is a tidy step from Mrs. Dobell's to the pond and they had a bit of trouble with the hose, as well. Anyway, the house on the left of the shop wasn't much damaged; it had a better chance with the wind blowing the other way. Aircraft in Flight you sleek metallic machine grazed with grail green sidings smooth jointed flight of chromium plated rivets droning drowsy engines through the fresh night breeze. you monster of navigation man's victory and defeat with conflicting wings synchronise both ways twice over a weird dawn of your own making. plotted with care through strutted glass clouds wash the plane's wide wake diminishing man's small world and worry of weld to face a larger god of light, sun of man. LYNETTE ROBERTS.