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WALES 2 1st Birthday Jssue Thomas Jones, C.H. • The General Election, 1945 T. Alwyn Lloyd • Post-War Building & Housing Robert Graves • Battle of the Trees" (long poem) Elisabeth Inglis Jones • Sir Herbert Lloyd of Peterwell F. J. North • Place Names and Old Maps Enid Beaupre 0 Letter from New York T. Gwynn Jones • Scattered (from the Welsh) Ivor Lewis • The People & The Latent Wish Roland Mathias One Bell Tolling" (story) D. Gwenallt Jones A Donkey's Last Will Davies Aberpennar God and The World in Henry Vaughan Peter Hellings Five Poems from Pennard Rhys Davies • The City (long poem) D. J. Williams • The Court Cupboard" (story) Saunders Lewis © The Choice (translation) Alan Robson • Edward Eastaway, 1917 Con Morgan. • One from Waunpound (story) Dilys Rowe. • The Welsh Short Story Writers Gwynfor Evans © Cymru Fydd Tom Richards • The Welsh Press Comments Translations Books Poems Notes Correspondence EDITED BY KEIDRYCH RHYS Vol. V, No. 8 and 9 DECEMBER, 1945 THE DRUID PRESS 2/6