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WALES Lord Clwyd ø Parliament in My Day A Little Anthology Translations from Welsh Verse Eliot Crawshay-Williams o The Vale of Glamorgan J. E. Emlyn-Jones ● Coal and Shipping Problems Anne Coghill ● Spotlight on Youth Work Rice Meyrick ● Reshuffling the Air Harold Tudor ø A Cultural Experiment Jack Griffiths ø Me (Story) George Ewart Evans Airman at a Railway Terminus R. B. Marriot 0 A Note on Caradoc Evans J. Gwyn Griffiths ● Professor Carr on Nationalism A. W. Wade-Evans ● The Welsh Mind R. S. Thomas ø Depopulation of the Hill Country Cynan 0 Russian Literature in Welsh Gareth Owen ● Indian Army Toughs (Story) Leo Abse ø We See Kenya Viscount Tredegar Sir Henry Morgan before Panama Lynette Roberts ● Patagonia Film Commentary The British Council's—" Wales Reviews Quarter's Quota Bibliography Poems Notes Correspondence EDITED BY KEIDRYCH RHYS Vol. V, No. 7 SUMMER 1945 THE DRUID PRESS 2/6