youth of Wales in whose hands the future of post-war Wales must and will inevitably lie, youth of the World in whose hands the future of the post-war World must and will inevitably lie, that we not only become alive to and realise the deep nature of our responsibilities but at the same time actively prepare ourselves to assume those responsibilities. As Welshmen our first concern can only be that of the welfare of Wales- in a peaceful and prosperous World, a peaceful and prosperous Wales. Yet we notice that the will to perpetuate and pass into our hands a Wales, living, intact, Welsh was and is lacking in that older generation. To this shameful fact, and others, our answer must be, the answer of the red youth of Wales must be a sterner resolve; a deeper and truer political self-education; a firmer and steadier grasp of political realities a swifter and more real readiness to answer to our responsibility. The decision that is VITAL. When G. Dimitrov quoted Goethe in the Reichstag Fire Trial Hammer, or Anvil; Which?" he gave to us the one dictum unalterably applicable to all political warfare. The national struggle of Wales is similar to all other national and class struggles, and must be recognised as such it is a struggle for power, political power. This elemental struggle goes far back into the beginnings of Welsh history. Had certain of our ancestors grovelled when that history demanded manly strength, had they hedged when tradition demanded boldness, had they failed when the People needed faith, Wales would long since have weakened away out of her Welshness. Anvil, or hammer ? Hammer, or anvil? This issue is stark and simple clear. Either we carve with unyielding determination a fate and a path for our People and their future or we acquiesce in the fate and the path which the will of another will have shaped for us. Either we stand strong in our own belief, our decision firm and certain; or we drift, as inconsequent as drift wood in the rapids of human upheaval. For though the weight of conformity is so very nullifying to the weakly well-intentioned will, the question stands for the youth of Wales to answer Shall Wales live as the land of the Welsh, or shall our Welshness perish ? I have written my first set of notes in the nature of a constructive appeal, since, unless young Welshmen and Welshwomen commence to open their minds, the realities of the fate of Wales will pass them eternally by. The need of the youth of Wales is a spirit fired with the will to achieve. The need of Wales is a People fired with the will to live.