IN delicacy a mountain ash -coming to me from mountains in this city she was a dancer the centre on which turned in brilliant integration my country and myself Alexandria and the elegance of coloured girls on walls, the two seas and the brown lake water, the clustered berries in. her lips, the kind night of mountains in her hair. Suddenly interpolating she announced this centre and her slim compassing limbs my radiating pointers wove and swirled and circled the necessary things into a circumference where a soft air breathes now from the far mountains islanding me alive from the parched memories of a dead parchment city. Alexandria. May 30, 1943. CRAFT is as strong a thing as race; These bird-voiced Welshmen also share The set of shoulders and the pace .That mark the miner anywhere. Asturias and Eureka tell A single epic; may I see The day when these shall stand as well Haloed with dynamite and free Welsh Dancer GWYN WILLIAMS. A Mining Town JOHN MANIFOLD,