LIFE AND LETTERS TO-DAY continuing The London Mercury and Bookman under the editorship of Robert Herring HAD THE HONOUR OF PRINTING SEVERAL CHAPTERS FROM MARGIAD EVANS'S "AUTOBIOGRAPHY" BEFORE PUBLICATION IN BOOK FORM Other recent Welsh contributions include Welshmen in Elizabethan London (Winifred Graham Wilson), May, 1944 The New Canterbury Tale (Peter Hellings), April, 1944 The Return of Spring (Vernon Watkins), February, 1944 The Water Music (Glyn Jones), November, 1943 Regular Welsh contributors also include Keidrych Rhys, Con Morgan, Henry Treece, Brenda Chamberlain, Gwyn Jones, G. A. Wagner, etc. PUBLISHED MID-MONTH I PRICE UNCHANGED BRENDIN PUBLISHING Co., LTD., 430, STRAND, LONDON, W.C.2 NOTE. The editor wishes to thank Dr. CEINWEN H. THOMAS and Mrs. OLWEN SAMUEL for their staunch co-operation and assistance in organising the Friends of Wales Fund." We will be printing a full list of all money received in our next issue and in the meantime, should like to thank all donors and supporters for their generosity towards the magazine: Further cheques may be sent either to Dr. CEINWEN THOMAS or to Wales Office direct. An apology is owed to readers and subscribers for the delay in publishing this number. This has been due to congestion at the paper- merchants over the last six months and to transport hold-ups as a result of the Second Front. x