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WALES George Ewart Evans. Tribute to Alun Lewis Lord Howard de Walden. A Welsh Theatre John Legonna 0 Political Commentary A Little Anthology. Further Poems from the Forces Walter Dowding 0 Market Square Roland Mathias 0 Digression Into Miracle Silas M. Harris • Was St. David Canonized? Keidrych Rhys • Verse Translations Robert Graves • On Bardic Mythology Herbert M. Vaughan 0 South Wales Squires Eric Hardy • National Wildlife John Pennant • Radio Relief Emyr Humphreys • A Democratic Vista John Cowper Powys • Wales and America Ivor Lewis 0 In the Mist of Life Sir Cyril Fox Early Iron Age Discovery C.E.M.A. Exhibition • Paintings of David Jones Dilys Rowe 0 Margiad Evans' Autobiography Alan Hodge 0 Recent English Poetry Wyn Griffith • Review 0 Law i Law P. Mansell Jones 0 Wake up, Arts Correspondence Notes Potted Bibliographies EDITED BY KEIDRYCH RHYS 4 SUMMER 1944 TWO SHILLINGS & SIXPENCE