BOOKS IN THE SCOTTISH RENAISSANCE I In the cultural sphere we hope that our publishing organisation will become the focal centre for creative activity that recognises a Scottish tradition and way of life which is unique, distinct from surrounding cultures, has elements worth preserving and developing, and has a distinctive colour which can be harmoniously woven into the tartan of world culture POETRY SCOTLAND. Price Post "MILLION" New Left Price Post Edited by Maurice Lind- Writing. Edited by John say. An anthology of living Singer. Contributors in- poets, with Welsh, English elude Sean O'Casey, Hugh and Irish Sections. Fore- MacDiarmid. Art Plates. 2/- lid. word by Com pton Mac MAJOR OPERATION." kenzie. Contributors in- The play of the famous elude Hugh MacDiarmid, novel by James Barke 7/6 6d. Edwin Muir, Francis Scarfe, "MODERN SCOTTISH William Jeffrey, Keidrych PAINTING," J. D. Fer- Rhys, Alex. Comfort. NG," J. D. Fer- Maurice James Craig, John gusson. An edition of this Hewitt and Donagh Mac- book illustrated with 40 Donagh 4/6 4d. Full colour reproductions "AUNTRAN BLADS." will be published later 8/6 6d. Poems in Scots and other tongues by Douglas Young, OPERA. Chairman Scottish National THE ISLE OF YOUTH." Party 6/- 4d. (The Feast of Samhain.) DAIN DO EIMHIR." Librertto of a Celtic Opera Poems In Gaelic by Som- by Erik Chisholm taken hairle MacGhilleathain, from James Stephen's with some English versions In the Land of Youth 5/- 4d. by the author. De Luxe cloth binding. Illustrated PAMPHLETS. by William Crosbie 10/6 7d. "THE FURY OF THE "Hansard on Scotland" 6d. Scottish LIVING." Poems by "Principles of Statecraft and Govern- John Singer 5/6 5d. ment" by Agnes Mure Mackenzie, 4d. "BATTLEFIELDS AND "The Culture of the Scot by William GIRLS." Poems by David Power, 6d. Scottish Convention by J. Martin. 7,000 copies sold. M. MacCormick, 6d. "The Wealth of Full page review in Scotland by Jas. A. A. Porteus, 9d. "Esquire" 9d. Id. Post Id. each. WILLIAM MACLELLAN GLASGOW, SCOTLAND Subscription Form. To THE PROPRIETORS, Wales, (Ty Gwyn, Llanybri, Nr. Carmarthen.) 8, Guilford Place (Flat 6), W.C.I. Please send me Wales for the next.years. Cheque I enclose Banker's Order value Banker's Order Name. Address Wales Subscription Rates (4 issues), 10/8 post free. Please write clearly.