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WALES Idris Davies • London Welsh R. Williams Parry • The Owls Huw T. Edwards • What I Want for Wales Trevor Hughes •The Green Canary W. G. Hargrave Thomas Plainsong—and Merbecke Iorwerth C. Peate • A Note on Architecture D. J. Davies • Explain, Please, Mr. Griffiths Robert Graves 0 Five New Poems Nigel Heseltine • Gothic Halls Sir Granville Bantock ø Reminiscences Scores Dialect LLYFRGELL GENEDLAETHOL CYMRU Snow THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES Spoon l Town ADRAN DYBLYGION Portrait GELLIR BENTHYCA'R LLYFR HWN arming Pictures DEPARTMENT OF DUPLICATES act Art AVAILABLE FOR CIRCULATION ne Rule views" raphies EDITED BY KEIDRYCH RHYS 3. 1 January February March, 1944 TWO SHILLINGS & SIXPENCE