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Jim Griffiths, M.F. • Wales after the War Llywarch Hen 0 Gwen Translations Wyn Griffith o A Note on Anglo-Welsh W. Moelwyn Merchant • Relevance of the Anglo-Welsh A Little Anthology • More Poems from the Forces Nigel Heseltine 0 Cam-Vaughan's Shoot H. Idris Bell •The Welsh Poetic Tradition W. J. Gruffydd, M.P. • Bethesda 'r Fro Huw Menai o Five Poems George Ewart Evans 0 Beyond the Trees John Cowper Powys o Welsh Aboriginals Wyn Griffith 0 Silver Jubilee Ken Francis 0 "Angel Face" William Empson 0 Poem Davies Aberpennar For Gwenhwyfar and Blodeuwedd George Woodcock • Pentre S. L. Bethell • The Poet in Wartime EDITED BY KEIDR YCH RHYS I. JULY 1943 ONE SHILLING & SIXPENCE