WALES An independent pamphlet of creative work by the younger progressive Welsh writers British culture is a fact, but the English contribution to it is very small. McDiarmid told the Scots that they could gain nothing by joining forces with the English and aping their mannerisms. There is actually no such thing as English culture: a few individuals may be highly cultured, but the people as a whole are crass. Welsh literature is carried en, not by a clique of moneyed dilletantes, but by the small shopkeepers, the blacksmiths, the non-conformist ministers, by the miners, quarrymen, and the railwaynien. The Kelt's heritage is clear as sunlight, yet the burden of English literature has also fallen upon him. The greatest of present-day poets are Kelts. We publish this journal in English so that it may spread far beyond the frontiers of Wales, and because we realise the beauty of the English language better than the English themselves, who have so shamefully misused it. We are beyond the bigotry of unintelligent fascist nationalism. In case the English should claim our contribution for their own, we produce this pamphlet, calling it Wales in defiance of parasitical adoption. Though we write in English, we are rooted in Wales. Subscriptinn-FOUQ SHILLINGS a year. First number 1/2 to France and America. You are invited to become a subscriber. All subscriptions and enquiries to the Editor (Keidrych llhys).. Penybont Farm, Llangadock, Carmarthen, Wales. Beginning with No. please sent me WALES post free for one year. I enclose the sum of 4s. Od. iu payment. Name. Address. Date.