Authorities. The children all attended the inquest and were thrilled by the experience'. Mr J Eric Jones, BSc, became Headteacher in September 1955. (He served until November 1959, when he became ill and died soon afterwards.) Activities during 1957 included an educa- tional visit by some senior boys to the local Post Office; and visits to Messrs Brisbane's tyre factory and to KAYE Alloy Factory at Presteign. In March 1959, 19 girls and 12 boys went on an educational visit to London. In April 1960, Mr CM James became Headteacher. He served until December 1964 and then moved to Ross County Secondary School. Mr G Riding, Senior Master, seems to have then served as Acting Head until the School closed. There was a meeting at Llandrindod Wells in June 1970, to discuss arrangements for the transfer of staff on Comprehensive Reorganisation. By 15th July, materials were packed, ready for the transfer to Presteign. On 16th July, Mr D Davies, Headteacher of Knighton Primary School, was organising the transfer of his school's materials into the building. All was completed by 17th July and Knighton Secondary School Log Book concludes: 'So ends a period of secondary education in this building. The important factors however are moving with us to help establish a Comprehensive School with traditions from both schools'. Secondary Education may have ended in the building but, of course, primary education continues to flourish there. NOTES Mary Cadwallader, 'Education in Knighton in the mid 19th century', Mid Victorian Knighton, pp. 22-26. The remaining references are from Powys Archives: 2R/E/PS/16/L/1 Knighton Infant School Log Book 1867-99. 3R/E/PS/17/M/1 Knighton National Schools Managers Minutes 1871- 1903. 4R/E/PS/17/L/1 Knighton National Boys' School Log Book 1871-1896. 5R/E/PS/19/L/1 Knighton Night School Log Book 1896-1913. "R/E/PS/18/L/2 Knighton National Girls' School Log Book 1924-39. 7R/E/PS/17/L/4 Knighton National Boys (and Mixed) School Log Book 1926-39 (Boys) 1939-50 (Girls). 8RC/E/SF/59/3 Knighton Secondary School: New School-select items 1935-46. 9R/E/SM/2/L/l Knighton Secondary School Log Book 1947-70.