have died unmarried, and in his will, proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in 1732, he referred to his nephews and nieces and also to James, son of Richard Pryce of Stapleton. A look at the pedigree table at this point shows that James was a popular christian name among the members of the Pryce family, in consequence of which, difficulty and some doubt often occur over the identification of a particular man of that name. In 1766, for example, a James Price, gent. and tanner of Stapleton, died leaving two sons, James and Hugh, and four daughters, Mary, Margaret, Jane and Elizabeth.2 He had married5 Jane, a daughter of Hugh Dale of Pilleth, gent. in 1728, and at the time was of Stapleton. However, in 1754 when his son, Hugh, then a minor, married Elinor Meredith7 he was referred to as being of Cascob. In view of the fact that Elizabeth Sayer of Cascob, widow, in her will of 21 April 17582 mentioned her nephews, Edward and James Price (the latter of Cascob), and also that John Sayer of Cascob, gent. was a witness along with Hugh Dale to the marriage settlement of James and Jane in 1728, it seems reasonable to suppose that the tanner of Stapleton was brother to Edward Price of Aylesbury. Elizabeth Sayer was presumably the widow of John Sayer who had married Elizabeth Price in 1719 at Gladestry, the marriage having been recorded also in the registers of Old Radnor, where John's father was the vicar for 62 years and 11 months. It will be seen from the foregoing brief account that this particular family of Pryce lived in and around Presteigne for a number of generations and played their part in the religious and business life of the town. Most of Thomas Pryce's descendants, some of whom in the eighteenth century altered their name to Price, have been accounted for, but not all, so it is not possible to say that their story is yet finished. NOTES iMicro-film of Presteigne Registers at N.L.W. 2Wilis of Hereford Diocese at N.L.W. (now in Loni:>a for cataloguing). SMarriage Licences at H.C.R.O. 4Bishops Transcripts of Presteigne at H.C.R.O. 5Bishops Transcripts of Pilleth at N.L.W. 6Kinsham Court Collection at H.C.R.O. (A77 260). 7Marriage Licences of Cascob at N.L.W. N.L.W.-National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth H.C.R.O.-Hereford County Record Office.