MD.N.B. 95' Fam. of Ll. Hall,' Pt. I. 96N.L.W., Pen. Hall Coll., Title Deeds as above, nos. 37, 38 and 39. 97Made 7 Aug. 1725 & pr. P.C.C. 14 Dec. 1738. 98pr. 1790 P.C.C., affidavit 1791. Abbreviations R.S.T.—Radnorshire Society Transac- tions. N.L.W.—National Library of Wales. S.R.O.-Shrewsbury Record Office. P.R.O.-Public Record Office. P.C.C.—Prerogative Court of Canterbury D.N.B.-Dictionary of National Bio- graphy. C.C.L.-Cardiff Central Library.