mittee and Mr. Payne kindly accepted this invitation, while Mr. D. T. Evans kindly agreed to act as our Hon. Auditor this year and we thank him for rendering us this service. Mr. Evans was subsequently appointed Auditor for 1968-69. Details of the Committee and Officers for 1968-1969 are given on page 3 of this Volume. We welcome Mr. D. D. Jones, the County Land Agent, as a new member of the Committee. Other Organisations. Mr. R. C. B. Oliver represented the Society at the Annual General Meeting of the Wales and Monmouthshire Group (Group 2) of the Council for British Archaeology held at Shrewsbury on October 26th. In the course of the year the Society became an institutional member of the Herefordshire and Radnorshire Nature Trust. At its last meeting the Committee also resolved to join the Cambrian Archaeological Association at the beginning of 1969. Commemorative Plaques. It was agreed that a commemorative plaque should be erected in Llanfaredd Church in honour of Edward Davies, the antiquary, known as "Celtic" Davies. Edward Davies (1756-1831) was born at Hendre Einion, in the parish of Llanfaredd. He is remembered today as the author of "Celtic Researches" (1804) and "The mythology and rites of the British Druids" (1809). He was also a life long friend of Theophilus Jones, the county historian of Breconshire. It was also agreed that at some future date a plaque should be put up in memory of William Probert (1790-1870), the Unitarian minister and scholar, who was bom at Painscastle. The Society proposes to proceed with the first suggestion in 1969. Treasurer's Report. The Hon. Treasurer reported that there was a balance of £ 156.6.4 on the general account and £ 195.16.10 on the deposit account, with 16s. 4d. cash in hand, a total of £ 352. 19. 6d., being £ 36.13.7 less than in the previous year. This was accounted for by an increase of £ 88.18.3 in the cost of printing the Transactions. The Society's member- ship, however, had increased to about 400, and the financial advantage to the Society of the members who had entered into covenants had been £ 22.12.6d. The Meeting discussed the Committee's proposals for an increase in the Society's annual subscriptions and the following new rates were adopted Single membership-15s. Od. or 75 new pence Joint membership-25s. Od. or 125 new pence Institutional membership-15s. Od. or 75 new pence These new rates, which take effect from 1st October, 1969, would not apply to present covenants, but it was agreed that the members con- cerned may pay the increased rate, if they so wished. The annual statement of the Society's Income and Expenditure for the year 1967-1968 appears on the final page of this volume. Editorial Note. Will intending contributors please send in their MSS by October, 1969, at the latest, if they are to be considered for publication in our 1969 Volume of Transactions ? All MSS should be addressed to the Hon. Editor, c/o Library Department, County Hall, Llandrindod Wells.