PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED 1. Sanctuaries and saints an essay on the churches and saints of Brecon and Radnor. By R. W. D. Fenn illustrated by Brian Bessant. (Available from the author, Glascwm Vicarage, Builth Wells, Breconshire, price 2/6d.) Mr. Fenn states in his "Preface", this essay was written at the invita- tion of the Archdeacon of Brecon as a contribution towards the Church in Wales stand at the Royal Welsh Show at Builth Wells in 1964 and many of our members are doubtless already acquainted with it. The writer surveys the history and architecture of the churches of Brecon and Radnor from the beginnings to the 19th century, and contrives in the course of his work to mention a great number of churches and matters of ecclesiological interest, all of which are neatly woven into a brief account of the development of the church and of the evolution of public worship. The dark and doubtful questions of the early foundations and dedications are matters for experts to dispute, but readers may feel confident that Mr. Fenn's scholarship is up to date (e.g. on the identity of St. German). His reference on page 33, however, to the practice of putting up the royal coat of arms in churches as an innovation of the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, is rather misleading, as the practice originated in the reign of Henry VIII with the reformation of the English church. It only became obligatory as an expression of loyalty after the Restoration. At Disserth two versions of the royal arms were uncovered in 1954, one painted over the other, the earlier of which belongs to the reign of James I, and the latter to that of Ann. There is also a slip on page 37, where the date of the completion of the new church at Llandrindod is given as 1813 instead of 1871. It only remains to add, in this brief notice, that Mr. Fenn's essay is so delightfully written, and with so many lively touches, that it can be read and re-read with pleasure. A welcome and unexpected feature in a small book of this kind is the index, but the text is disfigured by a few mis- prints. The pen-and-ink illustrations are attractively done. C.W.N. 2. The Journal of Industrial Archaeology. Published by the Lambarde Press, in association with the Newcomen Society. Vol. 1, No. 1, May 1964. Published quarterly. Annual subscription £ 2/2/0. A new national journal devoted to the newly-established subject of industrial archaeology.