Llanfair Waterdine until after 1920, and then went to Delbury. They had four children. Mr. and Mrs. Mason both died at Ross-on-Wye about 1950. In about 1905, Rev. David Griffiths was curate of Beguildy. He was elderly, very delicate in health, most kind, generous and very well liked. He did a lot of visiting considering that he walked from farm to farm. On Sunday afternoons he hired the horse and trap with the groom, to drive him up to Crugybyddar for the 3 o'clock service. He was a splendid Sunday School teacher, but had great difficulty in keeping order in a large class with several boys of 13-15 years old. This Sunday School was held in church at 10 a.m. Rev. Griffiths became Vicar of St. David's, Llanbadarn-y-Garreg, Radnorshire. In 1909, Rev. H. J. James came to Beguildy from Lampeter College. He suffered from asthma, however, so spent only about eighteen months at Beguildy, leaving for a London parish, where his health was much improved. Fifty years later (1960) he sent ten pounds to be spent on Beguildy church, to commemorate his fifty years' priesthood. In 1910, the Rev. W. J. Rees came from Lampeter College. He was musical and trained a good choir. He spent nearly two years in Beguildy and planted a tree to commemorate the coronation in May 1910. This tree was a landmark in the village until 1960 when it was removed to make way for road improvements. It was in 1913, that the Rev. Evan Jones, a Cardiganshire man, came to the Parish. He had spent two years in Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, and two years at St. Barnabus, Swindon before coming to Beguildy. BEGUILDY CHURCH AND PARISH BEGUILDY VICARS Elias Owens 1665-1700 Watkins. 1700—1738 John Pritchard 1738-1777 Ryce James 1777-1807 Richard Hamer 1807—1852 Abraham Thomas 1852-1894 John Pugh Morgan 1894-1930 Evan Jones 1930-1959 H. O. Procter CURATES-KNOWN AND RECORDED Richard Beeston 1740 John Pritchard Jnr. 1765 Samuel Rowlands Evans 1775 John Simpson Lee, M.A. 1860 David Morgan 1880 Evan Davies 1890 Richard Robert Jones 1898 Edward Weale 1900 David Griffiths 1905 T. H. James 1909 William T. Rees 1911 Evan Jones 1913