INQUISITIONS POST MORTEM FOR THE MANOR OF BLEDDFA Contributed by Mrs. C. D. Linehan and transcribed by Miss Shield. Unpublished Crown-copyright material in the Public Record Office has been reproduced by permission of the Controller of HM. Stationery Office. Note. Inquisitions post mortem were surveys, usually undertaken by locally appointed jurors, on the death of anyone who held land directly from the Crown. They are preserved in large numbers in the Public Record Office, London, and some of them have been abstracted and pub- lished. The Extents were more detailed surveys of particular manors or estates. 1304. HUGH de MORTUO MARI (MORTIMER) of Richard's Castle, at Stapleton, etc. Colompus de Blethvagh in Wales. Extract of Extent: Said Hugh at the day of his death held of the King in (mutilated) the scite of the ancient castle and town of Blethevagh with the appurts. as member of the Barony of Burford. The said scite worth per ann. 6d., and the said town of Blethevagh, 4 Welsh tenants at rent of 2s. 4d. at Michaelmas and Annunciation of the B.V.M. for their portion, and 2 carucates of arable land worth, clear, 40s.; a certain park worth 10s. per ann. acreage unknown; a certain wood of which the profits of underwood, pannage and pasture worth, clear 20s.; one water mill worth clear 5 marks; two granges in which corn is placed worth clear 12d.; certain free customary Welsh tenants in Colompno aforesaid who pay rent p.a. 50s. 6d., i.e. at the Annunciation of the B.V.M. 20s. 3d. and at Michaelmas 30s. 3d. Pleas and Perquisites of Court worth per ann. £ 8. Pleas and Perquisites Leyrwitar" worth per ann. 1 mark clear. Sum: £ 19. 14s. 4d. (Inq. p.m. 32 Edward I). His daughters Joan aged 12 and Margaret aged 8 are his heirs. 1307. MAUD wife of HUGH de MORTUO MARI of Richard's Castle, etc. Blethevagh. Extract of Extent: The said Maud held at her death the Manor of Blethevagh in dower of the King in chief, of the Barony of Bureford. There is in the same Manor 1 carucate of land worth 1 mark, three acres of meadow worth per ann. in all i mark; one great forest and small forest, and value of pasture in the same per ann. 20s.; underwood in the same forests worth per ann. at sale 5s. Tolls of ale worth per ann. in the same Manor 3s.; "Leyrwyt Muliarum" in the same manor worth per lann. 1 mark. Pleas and Perquisites of Court worth per ann. £ 6 6s 8d. In the same free tenants and rents per ann. of free rent 32s. 2d. II). Sum of the Extent in this Manor: £ 11. 2s. Od. (Inq. p.m. 1 Edward