was so approachable and understanding, full of sympathy and one always came away feeling better for the time spent in his company. His boyish spirit made it difficult at times to realise that he was over 84 years of age until one noticed the fragile and wasting figure making his way to God's House every Sunday through all weathers. The last occasion he did this was on a terrible cold day when he attended Divine Service at Holy Trinity Church only two days before he passed away. He loved the Church and Sacraments and all she stands for. When his wife died a few years ago he revealed the strength of his faith by the grand way in which he bore his great loss. He was a humble consistent follower of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ a loyal and faithful Priest of the Church a friend to all and an enemy to no one. Many will for a long time to come thank God as they remember with gratitude His servant David Stedman Davies. May his soul, through the Mercy of God Rest in Peace. W. H. PRICHARD. THE LATE REV. D. STEDMAN DAVIES. -pWO years ago Mr. Stedman Davies resigned his position as Co- Secretary to the Radnorshire Society, owing to his advanced age and to the fact that his hearing was much impaired. Nearly seventeen years have passed since the meeting which decided to form this Society was held at the Library, Llandrindod Wells in February, 1930. He was elected Co-Secretary at the meeting and the success which has attended the efforts of those people who were present that day is due in a great measure to the enthusiasm and the knowledge which Mr. Davies placed so unreservedly at their disposal. Many people said at that time there was no history in Radnorshire but sixteen Volumes of the Transactions of the Society already prove what a fallacy that statement was, and there is still more material available. Mr. Stedman Davies had been a keen antiquarian for many years, and had done much research work in Lincolnshire where he had spent the greater part of his active clerical life. When he retired to Llan- drindod Wells, nearly twenty years ago, he became interested at once in our County and one of the results was the formation of the Radnorshire Society. He had driven a car for years, and now as one of the Secretaries to the Society, he found an added interest motoring