If you can walk with crowds and keep your virtues, And talk with kings, not lose the common touch." This he accomplished because he was a truly Christian gentleman. Both Mr. Davies and his wife had been keen on sport and were enthusiastic tennis and hockey players and also did a great amount of cycling. In the earliest days of the advent of the motor car they were amongst the enthusiasts and motored to all parts of the Country and this they continued to do until the war made it impossible. He was Secretary to the Ruraldecanal Conference of Beltisloe for very many years. During his clerical life he was closely connected with two famous Bishops of the Anglican Church namely Dr. Mandell Creighton of Peterborough and later of London and Dr. Edward King of Lincoln for whom he had the greatest admiration and affection. While at North Witham his love for archaeological matters, as we have come to know it, had full scope in the restoration work of his own church. It was he along with four others who founded the Lincoln Record Society and the result of that effort is seen in the completion of close on 40 large volumes. Mr. Stedman Davies was at one time a frequent visitor to the British Museum where he searched for all kinds of information and later when he returned to Wales he continued his searches at the National Library, Aberystwyth where he was so well known. He was Licensed to officiate in the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon by the late Dr. E. L. Bevan, its first Bishop, and for many years conducted Services in numerous parishes in this Archdeaconry and was always most ready to answer the Call wherever the need for his services arose. In Llandrindod he gave much help to the Church where the reverent manner in which he Celebrated the Holy Communion and his carefully prepared and thoughtful sermons were of great help and blessing to many and were much appreciated. It was a tremendous privilege to have been allowed to know Mr. Davies for nearly 20 years and there is no remembrance of human friendship which I shall treasure more than that of my old friend. He