REV. D. STEDMAN DAVIES. THE late Rev. David Stedman Davies was born at Llangeitho in the year 1862. He was educated at Denston College and afterwards went to St. John's College, Cambridge. Between the time he left the University and his Ordination he spent nearly two years at Llangeitho during which period he endeavoured to prepare himself for his future important activities by engaging in various forms of Church work. It surely is a great tribute to his efforts to find that even today some of the oldest inhabitants recall with gratitude the services he rendered then. He was Ordained in 1888 and his first curacy was at Little Mitton in the Diocese of Worcester where he remained until 1891. His special charge was the Church of Wilden where one of his Wardens was the late Mr. Baldwin, father of Earl Baldwin, of Bewdley, the latter being at that time a member of the Choir. Mr. Stedman Davies liked to recall that Mr. Baldwin never failed to attend the daily Services of the Church and that he was never known to have been late. He used to tell me how that when the Clergy entered the Church Mr. Baldwin would invariably take out his watch to see that they were not developing late habits. After leaving there he went to Weston-by-Welland where he remained for about 6 years. In 1897 he was offered by Lord Downe the living of North Witham of which he was patron in the Diocese of Lincoln where he remained until he retired in 1927. In 1899 he married Miss Emily Willis with whom he enjoyed an exceptionally happy married life for over a period of 40 years. Between 1900-8 he was Diocesan Inspector of schools during which period he had many interesting experiences to relate but one of his happiest recollections was that wherever he went he was well received in every parish and school. During his long stay at North Witham he endeared himself to all and was always a welcome visitor at the residence of Lord and Lady Downe where he met many distinguished people, as well as in the humblest cottages, the inmates of which he considered amongst his best friends, and by whom he was greatly beloved.