Increase of Subscription. 1. As from 4th January 1947 the life composition rates are raised to £ 6 6s. for membership, or £ 10 10s. for membership including HISTORY. Note. Existing compositions are not affected. 2. As from 4th January 1947 the arrangement for a 5-year com- position is abolished. Note. Existing 5-year compositions will work themselves out but will not be renewable. 3. As from 1st January 1947 the annual subscription will be raised from 5s. to 7s. 6d. Subscription to include HISTORY will be 12s. 6d. The branch will remit 5s. to headquarters for each annual sub- scriber, plus 5s. for HISTORY and Is. for each associate. Headquarters will remit to the branch 2s. 6d. for each life and 5-year member, and for each other branch member subscribing direct to headquarters by Bankers Order or other method. NOTE. In order to avoid confusion, the sum of 7s. 6d. or 15s. for 1,1/2 years' subscription as from January will be accepted from new members now joining. But in future years, the new rate will be payable. Publications. The printers had reported that the next pamphlet From Sail to Steam would be ready for distribution in the New Year however, they now inform us that they are held up for paper for the cover. I hope that we shall be able to send the pamphlet without much further delay, and with it a notice about the Tours arranged for this summer, and a notice about the increase in subscription. TEACHING OF HISTORY LEAFLET No. 4. Russia-Notes on a course for a Modern School." This is now ready, and is now on sale, at 6d. each to members, Is. to non-members. Copies required for students may be obtained at the reduced rate of 8s. per dozen. It is not the intention to distribute free copies.