MICHAELCHURCH ON ARROW By the kind permission of the Woolhope Club, Hereford, we are able to reprint the illustration of the interior of the above Church as well as to give a few notes from the valuable paper read by Mr. George Marshall, F.S.A., on June 3oth, 1927, at the Meeting of the Woolhope Club on "The Churches of Brilley and Michaelchutch on Arrow and their Baldachinos." The illustration shows the beautiful Screen, Roof, and Baldachino or Covering to the Sanctuary which are common to these two churches and are practically unique. For the canopies over the Altar at Ludlow and Clun are not in the same category as these at Brilley and Michael- church. Their use was to protect the altar from dirt, and they formed an extra screen for the Sanctuary. Mr. Marshall pointed out that the ridge piece has at intervals three carved heads (1) of a Bishop, (2) crowned head of a King and (3) a Queen also crowned. These, by examining the fashion of dressing the beard and hair, etc., Mr. Marshall has been able to connect (2) and (3) with Henry IV, and his wife Joan of Navarre whom he married in 1402. So (1) the Bishop's head would be that of Thomas Trefnant (1399-1404) or Robert Mascall (1404-1417), and the date of the canopy may be placed at about the year 1410. The beautiful 15th Century Screen, dividing the Chancel from the Nave, is more than probable of the same date. The Church has other points of interest, especially the massive tower with small slits for windows and a saddle back roof, built no doubt, for defence purposes to enable the parishioners to store their goods during the raids, and probably built immediately after the Wars of Glendower in the early 15th Century. It may further be noted that the fortune of possessing two such interesting adjuncts to the Altar is shared by the two countries of England and Wales, Brilley being situated in the former and Michaelchurch in the latter." The close connection between the two parishes from early times may account for their possessing such similar structures, which may have been copied the one from the other, or have owed their origin to the same person." When the Society starts its Annual Excursions again may we suggest a visit to these Churches. D.S.D.