THE MANORS OF RODD, NASH AND LITTLE BRAMPTON, NEAR PRESTEIGNE A NOTE ON POSSIBLE DOMESDAY BOOK IDENTIFICATION By LORD RENNELL OF RODD. May, 1944. IN the Domesday Book it is recorded that in HEZETRE Hundred, in Here- fordshire, OSBERN, the son of Richard, held the manors of MILDETUNE and BOITUNE, which have been identified as MILTON (Pembridge), and more doubtfully as BYTON (Parish of Byton, near Presteigne). He held these T.R.E. (" tempore regis Edwardi "). They were both recorded to be of 2 hides Milton had been waste, but they were worth 20 shillings. In addition to these two manors, he is recorded as holding in HEZE- TREE Hundred eleven other manors, as follows :— BRADLEGE one hide TITELEGE Three hides BRUNTUNE one hide CHENILLE two hides HERCOPE half a hide HERTUNE three hides HECH one hide CLATRETUNE two hides QUERENTUNE one hide DISCOTE three hides CASCOPE half a hide. These manors lay on the Marches of Wales. They are recorded as having land for 36 ploughs, but they were and are waste and Never paid geld."