a time brought out a second edition, enlarged to 54 pages. To say it is interesting and readable does not convey its real value to any one seeking to know the inner life around New Radnor in the past. It is full of facts without padding and illustrated by six delightful photographs. A Hereford reader of the MSS. said I could not leave it until I finished reading it at 1 a.m." Its chapters on Custom and Folk Lore," The Dialect of Radnorshire," and that of five pages of Glossary of Dialect words used in Radnorshire, will appeal to many outside the county. To those who have written to us in the past for local dialect words, we can recommend the glossary on pp. 49-53, containing over 300 words. We are glad to learn that Mr. Howse is about to publish a book on Presteigne. Llandrindod Wells, 1891--1944. Mr. H. D. Phillips has put on record in a pamphlet of 18 pages many interesting items about people and events in Llandrindod during the last 50 years, to celebrate the Jubilee of the Urban District Council. It covers a period of the wonderful progress and growth of the town after the completion of the railway in 1865. The names of the many active movers will revive the memories of many readers, and visitors to the town will learn from this pamphlet and the Town Guide all they generally ask for. WEST RADNORSHIRE BOOK CLUB-1869. The Vicar of Nantmel (Rev. D. R. Davies) has handed us for the Society's Library three copies of Macmillan's Magazine for February, March, and December, 1869. The interesting feature of these gifts is that they belonged to what was known as the WEST RADNORSHIRE BOOK CLUB, the members of which appear to have been Mrs. Middleton Evans, Mrs. William Prickard, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Prickard, Mrs. Lewis Lloyd, Mrs. Edward Thomas, Mrs. Penry Lloyd, Mrs. Severn, Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. G. H. Phillips, Mrs. Gwynne Howell, Rev. T. Thoresby, Mrs. Thirlwall. It would appear that these members were organised as a club for the purchase of books (or magazines ?) which were passed from member to member. Can readers give any other information about the activities of the Club, etc. ? ( Editors).