PARISH MAGAZINES THE parish magazine is often a treasury of local history, and from it we may learn of events and persons recorded nowhere else. Such records may be of great value to future historians, especially to those concerned with the history of a particular parish or locality. At present there is no repository in the county for its parish maga- zines, and it is to be feared that many of the older issues have disappeared beyond recall. This is a matter which concerns us all, the more so as, in these days of paper salvage drives, there is an inducement to destroy anything old or unwanted, and especially magazines. The Society is undoubtedly the one body in the county to which people might look for the preservation of records, whether old or con- temporary, and, feeling this responsibility, the Secretaries appeal to all its members for their assistance in forming as complete a library as possible of parish magazines for future reference. All magazines are wanted, whether relating to an individual parish or to a whole arch- deaconry, and for as many years back as possible, up to the present time. It would be as well if members who are able to help would in the first instance write to either of the Secretaries saying what magazines they have, and the dates they cover. This will enable the Secretaries to avoid duplication, as it is not desired to file more than one copy of each maga- zine. As regards future issues, it is proposed to collect full sets of the various magazines at the end of each year. It is very much hoped that members will do their best to help in inaugurating this new and essential service to the interests which the Society exists to serve. From OLD WALES, vol. 2, p.40. The BRECONSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. At the sixth meeting in Sept., 1755, Marmaduke Gwynne, Esq. in the chair, it was agreed That a premium of £ 4 shall be given to the person who will produce before 2oth September, 1756, the best piece of cloth of a drab colour, manufactured within this county, from raw wool, the growth* thereof measuring 21 yards long and 1 wide £ 2 for the second best, and £ 1 for the third best. "Growth" is the word printed.