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The proprietor of the Upper Mill had a mule in regular work. He employed a small boy for the purpose of delivering flour meal, and in later years maize, chiefly to cottagers and those who kept no horses. During a life of thirty-five years or more this small beast of burden must have carried an enormous amount of food for man and beast. Jimmy Fritz and his mule travelled this district in order to purchase and collect sheep skins, tail and oddments of wool, also horse hair which the waggoner combed from the manes and tails of his team, and hair which the cowman cut from the cow's tails when they were put in from grass so that the udders were more easily kept clean. The grist was sometimes taken to the mills by young girls on the back of a quiet pony. The farmer's daughters were fond of a ride and this was an 'opportunity of having one with a purpose. Riding ponies were accustomed to carry two. Children rode behind their parents and often the farmer and his wife would ride the same horse for short journeys. Only gentlemen were able to use carriages. The roads leading to the farms were unsuitable for the use of traps. Postal facilities 1860. The Post Office was at Tynyberth, but about 1870 it was removed to Llanfihangel village where it remained for a few years. It was then taken back to Tynyberth where it is still located. The post was carried from Knighton twice a week, passing through Bleddfa, where a Post Office stood near the Old Hundred House. All letters were left until called for. The carrier, named Corbet, was also the Knighton Town Crier. He rode a small pony and after remaining a few hours returned with letters to Knighton. When the railway came in 1862 the post was carried by rail. Roads. (a) The turnpike road runs for a distance of about 3% miles through the parish. The toll gate was situated on the boundary line between the parish and Bleddfa where the toll house still stands. Toll was'payable on vehicles and animals passing through the gate as follows For carriage and harness horses 6d. each. Cart horses hauling cart or waggon 4d. each. Riding or saddle horses each. Loose colts and other cattle Id. each. Sheep 5d. per score. Pigs kd, each.