the age of 60 or at most 65 years. The answer is that Mr. Davies could not avail himself of the Teachers' Superannuation Acts, but relied upon a pension which would have been forth- coming from the Charity Funds but for the longevity of his predecessor, Mr. Rowlands. A pension was apparently granted by the Governors to Mr. Rowlands when Mr. Davies was appointed, and Mr. Rowlands, a comparatively young man, took a farm at Titley, and survived until a few months after the death of Mr. D. R. Davies in 1928. The present Clerk to the Governors and the present Head- master of the school (Mr. J. H. West. J.P.) has computed that Mr. Rowlands received 43,000 in pension from the Charity Funds-so- salubrious is the air, which is breathed near the old charnel-field of Pilleth In 1932 the Governors erected an excellent Practical Instruction Room in which Cookery, Woodwork and other forms of Handi- craft are taught. The room is centrally heated by the Cooking Range, which was obtained by the Governors on the suggestion of Miss M. E. Ellis, H.M.I., and is well fitted for its purpose. An interesting experiment is at the present time being carried out on some of the Charity Lands by the Agricultural Department of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, which will be watched with interest by the farming community. At the Centenary Cele- brations, Mr. Moses Griffiths, in the unavoidable absence of Professor Stapledon, gave an account of this experiment on Charity Hill. System of Apprenticeship. The Scheme governing the Charity provides for the apprenticing of boys and girls from the Parishes of Whitton and Pilleth and the following trades were recommended for this purpose For boys, as wheelwright, carpenter, joiner, smith and mason For girls, as dressmaker, bonnet maker, pastry cook, and the like. In 1864, one youth, named Nicol Jeffreys, was apprenticed with a Mr. Wm. Manfield at the Perseverance Works, Kington. (To be continued).