problems which arise in rural Wales, in particular the heartland of Wales which holds North and South together. Bu digon o siarad am y problemau. Fy ngobaith yw y bydd y Bwrdd newydd yn cydio'n gyflym yn y gwaith o sefydlu sylfeini cedyrn ar gyfer dyfodol cefn gwlad Cymru. Rt. Hon. JOHN MORRIS, Q.C., M.P., Secretary of State for Wales Notes (1) Depopulation in Mid Wales, HMSO 1964. (2) (Translation: There has been enough discussion of the problems. It is my hope that the new Board will grasp quickly the task of establishing secure foundations for the future of rural Wales). The Editor Acknowledgement The Editor wishes to acknowledge the assistance given by Dr. John Howden, the Heritage Coast Officer for South Glamorgan, in the preparation of the article on 'The Heritage Coast-South Wales', which appeared in Volume 3, No. 1, of 'Cambria'.