BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PRINTED LITERATURE RELATING TO THE LOCAL HISTORY OF THE PARISHES OF CARDIGANSHIRE. This Bibliography has been undertaken with the object of creating an interest in the history of the County, and of placing on record the work already done in the field. It will consist of two parts (i) General, giving an account of the printed literature which deals with the county as a whole (2) Local, giving references to books and articles in periodicals and newspapers dealing with the history of the individual parishes. Though the first part has been prepared, space would not allow of its publication on this occasion. It is presumed, however, that most of the Members of the Society are acquainted with the leading works under this heading, such as Meyrick's County of Cardigan," Mr. G. Eyre Evans's Cardigan- shire," and Mr. Horsfall Turner's Walks in Cardiganshire." It has not been deemed necessary to give the references to these books under the headings of each parish. As to the entries in the following list, it will be noted that biographies and printed literature by natives or residents in the various parishes have been rigidly excluded. A few exceptions have been made in cases where light is thrown on local history by such printed works. A complete list of the bio- graphies of natives of the county, including those to be found in periodical literature, would involve a great deal of research and would occupy much space. The references to articles in newspapers are admittedly scrappy, but such articles are not as a rule of much importance, unless they are written by persons having exceptional facilities on special topics. In this connection we regret our inability to chronicle all the writings of Mr. G. Eyre Evans on Cardiganshire history. We hope that Mr. Evans will supply this deficiency himself, or embody his notes in a new Edition of his book on Cardiganshire. It will be observed that the population of each parish in the county is given for the decennial periods from 1801 onwards. References are also given to the Ordnance Maps, to the dates of the Parish Registers, and to the Non-Parochial Registers at Somerset House. The bibliography is of course very incomplete, but we suggest that members should interleaf their copies and add from time to time any additional references. No references have been made to unprinted documents, which are of course extremely numerous. This is a work that may be undertaken at some future time.