LOUGHOR, WEST GLAMORGAN (SS 564 981) A trial excavation was undertaken on the site of a former Nonconformist chapel at the junction of Ferry Road and Castle Street in advance of a housing development. The site lies over the north-east quarter (retentura sinistra) of the Roman auxiliary fort and within the confines of the medieval borough. The excavation was confined to the projected lines and depths of two new foundation trenches. The lowest deposits recorded were of Roman origin and consisted of a make-up layer, which yielded pottery sherds, sealed by a metalled (?) road surface. These deposits had been cut by a pit which also cut the outer wall of an early post-medieval building. The mortared stone walls of this building were internally plastered and whitewashed. A.G. Marvell for the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust RIVER LLIW, LOUGHOR, WEST GLAMORGAN (SS 5625 9768) Finds made recently with the aid of a metal detector on the east bank of the River Lliw at Loughor were as follows: 1 Denarius of Vespasian c. A.D. 70, with the heads of Titus and Domitian on the reverse (RIC 2).' 2 Denarius, 47 B.C., of the moneyer A. Licinius Nerva (Crawford 454/1). 3 Roman copper alloy disc brooch with a thin repousse plate attached to the front, bearing a triskele design. A well-known type. 4 Copper alloy spoon with plain circular bowl and tapering stem. The area from which these finds were recovered has previously yielded sestertii of the emperors Nerva (RIC 85) and Antoninus Pius (RIC 640). Another recent discovery, an as of Vespasian, A.D. 77/8, may also come from this area. Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust NOTES 1 The Roman Imperial Coinage (London, 1923 ff). 2 M.H. Crawford, Roman Republican Coinage (Cambridge, 1974).