24 NLW, Briton Ferry 190-192, etc. Amos Strettel (or Strattle), Esq. occurs in lists of Game Certificates issued in Glamorgan: The Cambrian, 28 September 1805, 18 October 1806, 7 November 1807, 17 September 1808. In 1806 and 1807 he is 'of Baglan House'; in 1805 'of Baglan Hall' a mistake, since Griffith Llewellyn was then at the Hall; in 1808 merely 'of Baglan'. WGRO, D/D BF 956. Richards and Shadwell, op. cit. PRO, PROB 11/1339 (Prerogative Court of Canterbury), proved 7 March 1800. 2" An extended account of the Rev. William Thomas will be given by the present author in Llangynwyd: Church and Parish (a full-length work in preparation).