Notes on Place-names TRERANNELL: ANGELTON Among the Margam Abbey documents which reflect a decline in the abbey's fortunes in the period shortly before its dissolution there survives a lease of corn tithes and its counterpart granted by the abbot John Gruffudd in 1518 (NLW Penrice and Margam MSS 280, 3093; Cart 5, 1813). It concerns two portions of tithes,within the area which lies between the limits of the regale via near fynon kattuke on the west and the Ogmore (Ogwr) river to the east. The road would seem to be that which crossed the ridge of Cefn Cribwr from Mynydd Baeddan southwards through the modern Cefn Cross to Laleston, passing close to the abbey grange of Llangewydd and, apparently, in use in the Early Christian period though no convincing evidence exists to prove that it may have had a possible Roman origin. It is named Ffordd y Gyfraith on the 1884 OS 6" map, the name by which it is designated in the RCAM's Glamorgan Inventory (Vol. 1, Pt. 2, 1045; Pt. 3, 3-5) and a farm now bears this name at SS 869 846 (though called Ystrad-tawel (sic) in 1884) with Broadway at SS 872 803 further south near Laleston. Of the two portions of tithes granted in the 1518 lease one is tied specifically to a named location, namely that which lies apud penvey et treranell. The former can hardly be other than Pen-y-fai in the parish of Newcastle to the north of Bridgend but treranell has not been confidently identified (cf. the bracketed suggestion in Granville, Cefn Cribwr (1980), 43). The following collected forms of the name would now seem to establish its identity beyond reasonable doubt. treranell 1518 NLW Penrice & Margam 280, 3093. treranol 1584-5 NLW Peniarth 120, f. 472. Trerauell 1604-5 (leg. Treranell) HMC De L'Isle & Dudley Mss, 3, 152. Tre Angel 1618 GRO BRA 328/1. Trerannell, Tre rannell's greene 1623 GRO BRA 328/2. Tre Annel 1636 NLW Hensol 524. Tre yr Annel 1638 NLW Hensol 797. Danielston or Trerannel 1703 GRO D/DE 636. Tre Daniel 1716 GRO D/DE 288. Angel Town 1753-4 Welch Piety (GCH 4, 464).