The Author: Dr Joanna Martin was brought up in Shropshire and Gower. She read history at the University of Bristol and then became a research student at Darwin College, Cambridge. In December 1978 she received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for a thesis entitled, 'The Landed Estate in Glamorgan, 1660 to 1760'. She has published several articles in Gower (1974-77) and one in the Welsh History Review (1978). Dr Martin now lives in Suffolk, where she works as a genealogist and record agent and also as a part-time lecturer on local and family history. NOTES [1] E. Hughes, 'The Eighteenth-Century Estate Agent' in H.A. Cronne, T.W. Moody and D.B. Quinn (eds.), Essays in British and Irish History (1949), pp. 185-199. [2] G.E. Mingay, 'The Eighteenth-Century Land Steward' in E.L. Jones and G.E. Mingay (eds.), Land, Labour and Population in the Industrial Revolution (1967), pp.3-27. See also G.E. Mingay, English Landed Society in the Eighteenth Century (1963), especially pp.5940, 67-8 and 92-3. [3] E.M. Jancy, 'An Eighteenth-Century Steward and his Work', Trans. Shrop- shire Arch. Soc., LVI (1957-8), pp.34-48. Joan Wake and D.C. Webster (eds.), The Letters of Daniel Eaton to the 3rd. Earl of Cardigan (Northants. Record Soc. 1971). P. Roebuck, 'Absentee Landownership in the late Seventeenth and early Eighteenth Centuries: A Neglected Factor in English Economic History', Agric. Hist. Rev., XXI (1973), pp. 12-17. [4] National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth (N.L.W.), Penrice and Margam MSS. (P. & M.) 6007. [5] Royal Commission on Land in Wales and Monmouthshire (P.P. 1896, XXXIV), pp.249-250. [6] Edward Laurence, The Duty of a Steward to his Lord (1727). [7] J.D. Chambers and G.E. Mingay, The Agricultural Revolution 1750-1880 (1966), p.200. [8] University College Swansea Library (U.C.S.), Mackworth MSS. 2nd. series, 177. [9] N.L.W. P. & M. 7212. [10] Ibid. [11] N.L.W. P. & M. L.733. [12] N.L.W. P. & M. L.1282. For additional information on Hopkin Llewelyn and his successors in the stewardship of the Margam estate, see Hilary M. Thomas, 'Margam Estate Management, 1765-1860', Glamorgan Historian, vol.6 (1969), pp. 13-27. [13] N.L.W. P. & M. 1513. [14] Ibid. [15] John Lawrence, The Modern Land Steward (London, 1801), p.48. [16] Quoted in ibid., pp.51-2. [17] N.L.W. P. & M. 9075.