REVIEWS The Pembrokeshire County History By Brian Howells Thus far two volumes of the intended four volume set of the Pembrokeshire County History have been published: Volume III 1536-1815 (1987) edited by Brian Howells. Volume IV 1815-1974 (1993) edited by David Howell. Both have been received with high critical acclaim and both have established themselves as standard works on the history of early modern and modern Pembrokeshire. Members will be interested to hear that Volume II, Medieval Pembrokeshire, 1093-1536, is expected to appear before the end of 1998. Subject to minor modification the intended layout of Volume II is given below. Volume II. Medieval Pembrokeshire, 1093-1536. Section One: Politics and War Chapter I: Conquest and Settlement, 1093-1138 by Ifor Rowlands Chapter II: Earldom, Lordships and Lords, 1138-1389 by Ron Walker Chapter III: Unrest and Rebellion, 1389-1415 by Roger Turvey Chapter IV: The Extension of Royal Power, 1415-1536 by Ralph Griffiths Section Two: Religious Developments Chapter V: Continuity and Change, 1093-71536 by Wyn Evans Chapter VI: The Secular Clergy by Sir Glanmor Williams Chapter VII: The Regular Clergy by Fred Cowley