'broaden the knowledge and understanding of the eighteenth-century revival movement in Britain.' As twelve per cent of the collection is written in Welsh, the English language summary of each letter's content will prove invaluable to those not able to read the language. As all the entries are cross-referenced and indexed, numerically and according to correspondents' names, the volume will be an invaluable tool to those wishing to study the collection. Published by the National Library of Wales, bound within a hard cover and reasonably priced, the Calendar is, without doubt, a major contribution to the study of eighteenth-century Wales and its people. It opens a window on a world that has ceased to exist but which nonetheless influenced the development of religion and society in Wales to an immeasurable degree. Geraint Tudur Bangor Michael Perkin (ed.), A Directory of the Parochial Libraries of the Church of England and the Church in Wales (London: Bibliographical Society, 2004), ISBN 0-94-817013-1, pp. 490 illustrated. £ 60.00 It was in 1959 that the report of the committee set up by the Church of England to investigate the number and condition of its Parochial Libraries was published under the title, The Parochial Libraries of the Church of England. It was edited by Neil Ker and a valuable publication in its day. However, during the last forty years or so, changes have occurred which have led to a need for its contents to be to updated, and now, those interested in books, in libraries, in the history of the Anglican church and in several other aspects of history should feel indebted to Michael Perkin for producing this revised edition of the book, for it is a task that he has accomplished with thoroughness and care. The result is a volume that many will again find useful, dependable and interesting. The 'Editorial Introduction' sets out clearly what has been revised and expanded. The Directory now includes the libraries established up to c. 1900, and some beyond that date; all libraries recorded as established by the Trustees for Erecting Parochial Libraries, and later by the Associates of Dr Bray, again up to c. 1900; the Trustees, Thomas Bray and SPCK libraries established in Wales, of which only 9 were included in the earlier Directory; some libraries with less than a dozen books printed before 1800 which were