""Probably the Ivo David who was resident in Llanmartin in 1560/1, but appointed since 1535. Next known appointment George Rogers, by 1590. '"Appointed between 1542 and 1560; non-resident 1560/1; next known appointment William Mathew by 1590. For Capel Gwenog see note by David Williams in Monmouthshire Antiquary V(3) (1985-88) p. 96; and the present author's 'Concealment of Crown lands in sixteenth-century Gwent', Mon. Antiq. V(3) (1985-88) p. 86 and 'The last days of the chantries and shrines of Monmouthshire', JWEH viii (1991) pp 24, 33-4. 'These two vicarages were valued at £ 13 and £ 9 15s. in VE but according to the 1603 survey (JWEH ii 16) were then vacant because the income was insufficient to pay taxes and maintain a vicar. James Pate was among those who failed to pay the clerical subsidy in 1567. ls7Appointed between 1544 and 1560, when resident and hospitable. Next known appointment John Griffith, of Caldicot and Sudbrook, by 1590. See also fn. 121. 'Possibly a member of the local family of that name; also curate of Chapel Hill. Tintern Parva was still held by a curate in 1603 and yielded a stipend of £ 3 13s 4d; the curate of Chapel Hill, formerly the secular chapel adjoining Tintern Abbey, was dependent on 'the benevolence of the parish' for his maintenance, as most of the land in his parish was tithe-free (JWEH ii 22-23). 'A Lewis ap Roger was there in 1535; John Coke was the non-resident incumbent in 1560/1. Next known appointment Griffith John, by 1590. This return makes no mention of the church of Merthyrgeryn, which Kitchin had allowed the Earl of Worcester to unite with Magor in the 1540s. (JWEH ii 13-14). 'Appointed between 1535 and 1560/1, when resident; next known appointment Lewis Roberts, 1611. In VE, as David ap Gwilym; resident and hospitable in 1560/1; date of replacement unknown. 2Presumably vacant. '"Possibly a younger relation of the Morgans of Llantarnam, impropriators of the parish, though he cannot be identified in any pedigree of the family. 'see fn. 169. 'No biographical information known: the parish is missing from VE and the 1560/1 survey. '"see fn. 175. 1'1, see fn. 188.