The machinery and stock of slabs at the quarry at that time was valued at £ 425. The physical arrangements of the quarry works in 1887 are shown in Fig. XI, 3, based on the 1st. edition 25-inch O.S. map. Most of the works can still be traced on the ground. The quarry itself starts as a cutting into the hillside but then continues as a large cave. The tramway formations can still be identified. The pond is in good condition, and there are the remains of a substantial building beside it, the purpose of which we could not determine. What must have been the slate mill remains, constructed of machine-sawn slate slabs and blocks. There is now no clear indication of where the water wheel was, although the farmer at the adjacent farmhouse told us that the local tradition was that the wheel was on the western wall. However, the map suggests an internal wheel. The mill is now used as a barn and has been extended on the eastern side. The spoil tips are huge in comparison with the size of the quarry, and comprise largely enormous blocks of rock which suggests that the proportion of usable slate in the rock excavated must have been rather low. GORDON AND MARY TUCKER Birmingham NOTES 'Jean Lindsay, A History of the North Wales Slate Industry (Newton Abbot, 1974). 2G. and M. Tucker, 'The old slate industry of Pembrokeshire and other parts of South Wales', National Library of Wales Journal, 23 (1983), 141-174. 3E.g. Pont Ceri, SN 296 419; Rosehill, SN 193 448; Tyn-y-ffordd, SN757 799; Cadno, SN 741 808. 'Company file, P.R.O. BT/31/1534/4870. 5 Mining Journal (1883), p. 302. 6N.L.W., sale catalogue No. 90 (Cards.). 7 Mining Journal (1866), p. 237. 8Ibid. (1883), p. 302. 9 Ibid, 144. ? Company file, P.R.O.BT/31/2521/13028. 11 Mining Journal (1880), p. 762. "Ibid. (1880), p. 773. 13 Ibid. (1884), p. 449. "Ibid. (1884), p. 626. 15 Mineral Statistics, 1886, p. 105. Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser, 17 December 1886. "N.L.W., Pugh Cwmerau Deposit Stack 1 (1892). "Mineral Statistics, 1887, p.81. 19 Ibid., 1889, p.87 and 1894, p. 103. '"Company file, P.R.O. BT31/10900/82731.