words of the inscription have flaked away into dust but enough remains to make a copy To the memory of Lieutenant John Griffiths of the Marines the son of David and Jane Griffiths of Veinor who was a Sincere Christian, a Dutiful Son, affectionate Brother, a true Friend, Universally Beloved and Sincerely lamented. He departed this life 7 July 1793, aged 31 years. How loved, How Valued avails thee not, How born, behaved or by whom begot, a heap of dust alone remains of thee, Tis all thou art & all mankind must be, The Lord of Hosts is with us. The God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalm 46, 11. ? of the aforesaid ? of Veinor in this parish ? minister of the gospel who departed this life 20 day of October 1794, aged 81 (?) years. Penlan Mansion may not have been so grand a place as the Penylan Hall built on the site in the next century by Squire Morgan Jones, but there is no doubt it was a happy home. John Jenkin in the Elegy testifies to that in his description of the mourning like a shroud' which hung over the parish after the death of a kind and charitable countryman without an equal in the neighbourhood,' for many were the blessings that came from Penlan.' There must be many descendants of this family living in the county today who share the knowledge of a mutual ancestor that they can be proud of. The writer would be very glad to correspond with anyone who could add further details to this series of articles. M. J. BAYLIS London