parish died 31 October 1825 aged 76.' He had become Vicar three years before the marriage, also holding the livings of Llantood and Monington. Much more is revealed by the somewhat pathetic (al- though typical of the period) railed memorial outside the church, to the right of the door. The inscription on the stone is as follows Underneath are deposited the remains of three infant children sons of the Rev. Wm. Jones Vicar of this parish and Margaret his wife, viz. Wm. who died Sept. 7 1782 aged 20 months, John who died May 26 1788 aged 12 months and another stillborn. In memory of whom this stone is erected as a tribute of affection ? DJ 1882 [Daniel] TMJ 1829 [Thomas Morgan] MJ 1825 [no doubt Margaret herself] MCJ 1883 [Margaretta Catherina] WJ 1825 [the Vicar] In 1825 some time before October Margaret presumably had died, for on the 24th day of October of the same year William made his will, requesting to be decently buried in the churchyard belonging to the Parish of St. Dogmells aforesaid, with as little expence as may be To his five surviving sons-Thomas Morgan, William, the Rev. John, Daniel and the Rev. James-he bequeathed one Guinea each to be paid unto each and every of them, in twelve calendar months after my decease.' The remainder of his estate was left solely to his spinster daughter Margaretta Catherina. On administration of his estate being granted the value of his effects were under £ 200. We know that lovely Nell married one Sylvanus Nugent on the 4th September 1775. A Thomas George Nugent witnessed the will above described-he was a surgeon. Was he also a friendly nephew lending a hand to his uncle, the Vicar ? As for smiling' Sarah, Thomas II's youngest child, b. 1755, the Parish Register gives the date and place of her death as 1785 at Coed y Cwm. Of the later life of Anne, the reputed daughter, so far no trace can be found. Returning to an earlier generation and Thomas II's own sisters (children of Thomas the Elder of Little Scotland) Elizabeth had married Thomas Davies, a joyner of Coed y Cwm. Here perhaps Sarah found an anchorage -with her cousins. Thomas's other sister Jane had married David Griffiths, a Nonconformist minister, of Vaynor, Pembrokeshire, just across the river and opposite Penlan, and today if one visits nearby Manordeifi there can be seen at the back of the church-where in spring the bluebells are thick among the grass and apple blossom high on the hillside forms a background- the remains of a 10 ft. high monument to Lieutenant John Griffiths of the Marines. The monument is very dilapidated and a number of the